Dark Dungeons

Dark Dungeons

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Debbie is seduced into the dark and mystical world of roleplaying games, where she must fight for her soul, face Lovecraftian horrors, and reclaim her faith before the fantasy game becomes a reality game.


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L. Gabriel Gonda
JR Ralls
Ben Rapson JR Ralls Ben Dobyns
42 Minutes
DVD • NTSC • Region0
Alyssa Kay Anastasia Higham Tracy Hyland Trevor Cushman Jonathan Crimeni
Number of Discs:
Viewing Time:
42 Minutes

College freshmen Debbie and Marcie are excited to start their new lives at a Pacific Northwest university but after being invited to a Zeta Omega Epsilon party the two suddenly find themselves in the strange and occult world of Role Playing Games.

The duo are soon hooked on the highly addicting experience that is RPGing and the game quickly becomes a habit that consumes their lives.  After Debbie’s intense pagan training through the RPGs lead her to accept an invitation to join a witches coven, her grades begin to plummet and she is in danger of flunking out of college. Meanwhile Marcie foolishly reads from the Necronomicon and summons Cthulhu.

Will the two survive the wild free fall into death and danger that is the RPG-lifestyle?

Find out in Dark Dungeons!

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