Who are we?

We are members of the Fan Supported Network, and the products you find on this cooperative webstore are our products.

We are artists, musicians, film-makers, and media creators that have joined forces at this site to collaborate and share resources.

Each of the following groups is an independent creator of media and entertainment, working hard to bring you new content for your enjoyment.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment
A multimedia production company dedicated to developing and producing original, scripted content for web distribution. ZOE works with Dead Gentlemen Productions to syndicate and promote their Gamers, Demon Hunters, and House Rulez brands.   

SJ Tucker
An independent multi-genre musician and prolific songwriter, SJ Tucker has several bands, including Skinny White Chick, Tricky Pixie, and The Traveling Fates. She has been touring the United States continuously since 2004, and performs regularly in house concerts, festivals, conventions, and at her own self-produced concert events. 

Critical Success Productions
Critical Success Productions was born after the production of Standard Action Season 1, by producer Joanna Gaskell and director Rob Hunt, to continue to develop and broaden the world into Season 2, and onward into Season 3.

Aidan 5
Produced locally in the heart of Columbus, Ohio and based on the award-winning 48-hr film festival short, AIDAN 5 is a no-budget, sci-fi web series made solely with an all-volunteer cast & crew under pressured time restrictions. The goal: to create an ambitious series with creativity and determination as the only resources.  This 16-episode living comic book is told through a unique style of filmmaking and sketched art. 

The Fan Supported Network was formed in 2010 as a collaboration between the Touring Music Collective and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, as a vehicle for their members and affiliates to sell their products directly to their fans.

The network was founded by Kevin Kº Wiley and Ben Dobyns.