S.J. Tucker

She’s a pixie-pirate mythpunk folk-rocker with a huge voice and a bad-ass guitar.

What might have happened if Peter Pan’s Wendy turned pirate and succeeded Captain Hook as ship’s captain? How about if Medusa and Rapunzel fell in love with the same hapless prince? What sort of tango do you dance with the alligator in your house? How do you fend off an online stalker who thinks he’s Jesus? What’s all the buzz about the guy with the mandolin who marched on Washington? Performing songwriter SJ Tucker addresses these questions and many others, all in the time it takes to play a show. Critics describe her music as the perfect mix of witty and weighty, and she takes listeners on a fantastic, genre-hopping ride with just her voice, her guitar, and occasionally a drum.

Fans of all ages come to see SJ Tucker for more than just the stories she weaves into her songwriting — her musical talents are second to none. Her style is classified, at times, as “Celtic Blues”, while her instrumental and vocal talents earn comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams, and Jeff Buckley. Not confined to one type of song or another, SJ spans opera, chant, and rockergrrl, employing deft guitar hands and the bluesy, powerful voice of a 300lb gospel singer–finely contained in a petite frame which earned her first band the name ‘Skinny White Chick’ by accident.

An incredibly prolific writer, SJ Tucker has composed over 130 original songs and independently produced six full-length studio albums. SJ Tucker started on the road with her first album in 2004, and she is taking the nation by storm — on her own power — state by state.

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