Marian Call:  Live in Europe

Marian Call: Live in Europe

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As part of the Marian Call European Adventure Quest (, Marian presents her first proper LIVE album, all the way from Europe. 

These songs were recorded at three Marian Call concerts -- two in London and one in Osnabrück, Germany. 

Track List

  1. 03:20
  2. 00:46
  3. 03:20
  4. 04:43
  5. 00:46
  6. 03:06
  7. 05:42
  8. 00:43
  9. 04:51
  10. 03:10
  11. 03:35
  12. 06:09
  13. 05:03
  14. 05:05
  15. 04:54
  16. 07:21
  17. 05:56
  18. 03:11
  19. 03:02
The tracks actually sound live; the rooms sound like real rooms, full of people and clinking glasses, sometimes with echoes and buzzes and phones. Through all that, we've done our best to bring you to a really real Marian Call concert. "Honest" performances were selected over perfect ones, so a forgotten line and a cough or so are kept in to preserve the most passionate interpretations of the songs.

The album is made possible through the support of *tons* of awesome fans and volunteers, through Kickstarter and on the ground in Europe. It is also graced by the work of the amazing professionals and volunteers listed below.


released 04 February 2013

- Scott Barkan - guitar

- Steve Lawson - recording engineer in London at the Mad Hatter Hotel

- Lukas Pietruschka - recording engineer in Osnabrück at MOJO Soulfood Café

- Nick Trepka - recording engineer in London at the White Lion Pub

- Mixed and mastered by Bryan Ray in Austin, TX

- Marian Call - vocals, typewriter, kazoo

All songs written by Marian Call except for track 7, "Love and Harmony," co-written by Marian Call and Joel Hermansen (, used by permission.
Produced by Marian Call; copyright Marian Call 2012, ASCAP.

London concert photos were taken by Craig Richmond and used by permission; the snowy armor photos are by Valette Keller,, used by permission; see more from the photo shoot at

The armor itself was made by Chris Cushman in Anchorage, AK, It placed at the 2012 Object: Runway wearable art contest!

The 8-bit Marian Call illustration, the Adventure Questing map, and all MCEAQ graphic design was done by the amazing Adam Levermore,

Album artwork and pen-and-ink illustrations by Marian Call.

Special thanks to our supportive recording venues; thanks to David Geißler at MOJO Soulfood Cafe,, Phil Curtin and the White Lion Pub,, and Joe and Louis at the Mad Hatter Hotel, Thanks also to the fans who helped to coordinate these shows: Lukas Pietruschka, Dave Baseley and LOTNA, Gianni “Dakkar” Ceccarelli, and Susan, Benjamin, Georgia, and Peter Coblenz.

Soulful gratitude goes out to Katie Moest, Minion-in-Chief, who often held the raggedy little tour and recording operation together behind the scenes. She is also an amazing art director, set dresser, and props master, and if you're in L.A. you should find

Thanks to Scott Barkan for his patience, endurance, and willingness to go on ridiculous journeys like this. Thanks to Patrick Race for schlepping gear all over Europe, documenting the trip, and keeping spirits high.

Last of all, heartfelt thanks to the Kickstarter supporters all over the globe who demanded that this album exist. I'm so glad you Adventure Quested with me. This album belongs to you!
Net proceeds from sales of this album go directly to Marian Call.

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