Marian Call:  Something Fierce

Marian Call: Something Fierce

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'Something Fierce' is a fan-funded album by Anchorage artist Marian Call. It's a double album; volume I is called 'Good Luck With That' and volume II is called 'From Alaska.'

The music is a little silly but mostly very sincere and honest, mostly acoustic, occasionally symphonic, eclectic, rhythmic and warm with a side of whimsy. Marian approximates the sweeter, wilder improvisational vocals in her live shows more on this record than on any to date.

Marian really really really hopes you like it, or at least some of it.

You can find lyrics and more liner notes on most tracks as well as at

Track List

  1. 02:55
  2. 03:20
  3. 05:34
  4. 04:31
  5. 02:19
  6. 05:15
  7. 04:29
  8. 03:09
  9. 05:24
  10. 04:19
  11. 04:11
  12. 02:35
  13. 03:59
  14. 05:47
  15. 04:23
  16. 04:35
  17. 06:49
  18. 04:16
  19. 07:40
released 01 October 2011

Aaron Benolkin // Pedal steel, banjo, acoustic & electric guitars
Alyssa Fridenmaker // Violin
Brandon Cockburn // Drums
Brian Adams // Hasselblad
Bryan Ray // Acoustic guitar
Cameron Cartland // Congas, bongoes, cuica, shekere, triangle, cabasa, bass drum, snare drum, djembe, and many many many other percussion instruments
The Colter Pavlich Lemons // Drums, bells, bike bell, hammer head, shakers, claps, and probably more
Corwyn Wilkey // Trumpet
David Pew // Accordion, trumpet, nose trumpet valves, banjo, mechanical pencil
David George Gordon // Harmonica, jaw harp
Ellen Pew // Cello
Eric Rodgers // Fiddle, Mandolin
Errol Bressler // Bass
Jordan Shindle // Acoustic & electric guitars, tuba
Karen Luke Fildes // Flute, turkey baster
Marian Call // Typewriter, rainstick, keyboards, shakers, claps, tambourine, vocals, incidentals
Nathan Levine // Upright bass
Paul Pew // Piano, Hammond organ
Rama Ishaya // Piano
Rose McIntosh // Violin
Scott Barkan // Acoustic & electric guitars, bass
Stephen Rosser // Djembe
Zippy // Shaker

Mixed and mastered by Brian R. Taylor at BRT Music in Brooklyn, NY and Woodland Hills, CA,

Recording engineered by:
Brian R. Taylor at BRT Music in Brooklyn, New York and Woodland Hills, California
Shawn Simmons at Red Room Studios and Avast! Studios in Seattle, Washington
Erik Braund at Hotel Erik Braund AK, Anchorage, Alaska
Paul Pew at Zippy Recordings in Austin, Texas
Aaron Benolkin at Studio ~aB in Anchorage, Alaska
Nick Petumenos at Westchester Music Studios in Anchorage, Alaska
Tony Fabris at Monkey Brains Studios in Seattle, Washington
Tony Thomas at Pacific Studios in Tacoma, Washington
Ryan Brownell at The Garden Studio in Anchorage, Alaska
Marian Call in many many cities on many many occasions

All songs written and edited by Marian Call

This double album includes two compact discs in a carbon-neutral digipak made from post-consumer recycled materials. It has 4 panels and includes a 16-page book of lyrics, along with gorgeous photos by Brian Adams ( ) and illustrations by Karen Luke Fildes.

Net proceeds from sales of this album go directly to Marian Call.

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