Molly Lewis:  Live

Molly Lewis: Live

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If college is about preparing yourself for a lifelong, satisfying career, Molly Lewis did college right — though, to the chagrin of her professors, most of her education took place outside the university campus.

She "job-shadowed with industry professionals" like Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and Marian Call; she did a few "unpaid internships" at W00tstock and conventions; she attended "industry nights" like Dragon*Con and PAX.

But a board of advisors at her university disagreed, telling her that though her extracurricular musical pursuits were interesting, they were "a distraction" from her "real responsibility" of being a full-time student.

On June 22nd 2012, Molly walked out of her last university class ever, thereby completing her degree requirements and graduating. A few days later, with the help of Dammit Liz, she put on a sold out concert at The Triple Door in Seattle. Suck on THAT, board of advisors.

This is the live album of that show.

Track list:

  1. 01:51
  2. 03:33
  3. 03:00
  4. 02:44
  5. 02:41
  6. 04:30
  7. 04:30
  8. 06:14
  9. 04:33
  10. 05:14

released 22 June 2013


Jason Finn - drums
Vixy & Tony - vocals & guitar (respectively)
Betsy Tinney - cello
Sunnie Larsen - violin, vocals
Marian Call - kazoo

The album is printed on a carbon-neutral digipack, with a highly durable CD tray made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. The 6-panels album art feature photographs by Rasmus Rasmussen.


Net proceeds from sales of this album go directly to Molly Lewis.

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