S.J. Tucker - Wonders

S.J. Tucker - Wonders

  • $ 1695

Is it the Wonders that you're after?


S. J.’s October 2013 release is inspired, from start to finish, by Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland novels! Get ready for a wild ride on the back of a big red Wyverary, or a Wild Velocipede, or a Glashtyn-powered ferry, across such majestic vistas as the Worsted Wood, the Barleybroom River, and the Perverse and Perilous Sea!

Track list:

  1. September’s Rhyme 01:10
  2. Ask Me Anything 04:35
  3. Sailing Song 02:46
  4. Song of the Witches 04:33
  5. Wonders 04:27
  6. Glashtyn Shanty 05:03
  7. Little Skylark (the Worsted Wood) 02:07
  8. September Morning Bell 02:39
  9. The Great Velocipede Migration 03:23
  10. Not the Villain 04:19
  11. For Iago 03:49
  12. Little Skylark (safe at home) 02:41

Net proceeds from sales of this album go directly to SJ Tucker.

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