Tricky Pixie - Mythcreants

Tricky Pixie - Mythcreants

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Mythcreants is the first studio music release from Tricky Pixie, a fey fusion of three well-loved, whimsical talents who fearlessly tread the boards and the twilight roads alike, using a wealth of instruments to guide themselves and their listeners along, including all manner of strings, voices, and drums.


Ready for some lively celtic folk rock for naughty punk faeries?

Track List (click the tracks for lyrics and download options)
  1. Chickies in the House
  2. Alligator in the House
  3. Taglio!
  4. Creature of the Wood
  5. Daughter of the Glade
  6. Tough Titty Cupcakes
  7. Carousel
  8. Mushroom Song
  9. Water’s in the Hold
  10. Dryad’s Promise
  11. Tam Lin
  12. Ballad of the Boy Cat

Tricky Pixie is:

  • S.J. Tucker – female lead vocals, guitars, djembe, bells, zills, chickies, giggles, and raccoons
  • Alexander James Adams – male lead vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bodhran, doumbek, faerie bells, frogs, and reptiles
  • Betsy Tinney – cello, djembe, backing vocals, cats and squeaks

Net proceeds from sales of this album go directly to Tricky Pixie.

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